Fragment #3

Fragment 3: March 30, 2021 In moments of quiet, I hear you—when the rest you ask of me is attended to, your voice is clear. You beckon me to create space, often in ways I wouldn’t choose—through sickness, or tragedy, or trial. But you know that I need to hear you; that I need to … Continue reading Fragment #3

Fragment #2

Fragment 2: 3/9/2021*(Photo taken in 2017, Hradec Kralove)*The day I left, I vowed silently—to myself and to my Father—that I would one day return. Home was behind, and the world ahead—yet it was only home that I wanted.*Home is getting eggs from the potraviny, knowing that bus 16 gets me home, and taking the short … Continue reading Fragment #2

New Adventures / New Adventurers (April, 2020 Update)

Hello, friends! This blog used to primarily be a compilation of reflective posts, inspired by what God taught me through various aspects and stages of life. Now, the blog is evolving into more of a “monthly update” format; recounting the adventures of not one but THREE Lucchis. While posts will still be written by myself, … Continue reading New Adventures / New Adventurers (April, 2020 Update)

Wired for Story: Narrative Theory and the Battle of Good and Evil

My entire life, I have believed in the tangible power of Story. The fictional stories I have read, the personal stories I have lived, and the true stories of others I have listened to have shaped my life in countless ways. As a librarian who also studies story structure and occasionally writes fiction, I have … Continue reading Wired for Story: Narrative Theory and the Battle of Good and Evil