Return to Addison’s Walk: Part Two

A few months ago, I wrote the first part of a two-part post about my experience returning to Addison's Walk at Magdalen College, Oxford this past March. Namely, I wrote about one of the lessons God taught me while I was there, through a story. You will likely want to read that post before this … Continue reading Return to Addison’s Walk: Part Two


On Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books of the Bible. This might seem odd to you, and that's definitely a fair response. It certainly doesn't appear to be the most encouraging book. But, you could perhaps at least concede that even if it isn't very uplifting, it is at least honest. Yet, I would argue … Continue reading On Ecclesiastes

Andrew Peterson, Stories, and Jesus

Last month, I spoke on Research for Creative Writers at the annual One Year Adventure Novel summer workshop. At this writing conference, two talks were also given by Andrew Peterson—my favorite musical artist (who also happens to be a brilliant writer and speaker). One of the talks Peterson gave described his experience with story. Initially, Peterson … Continue reading Andrew Peterson, Stories, and Jesus