Stories from Ostrava: March, 2023

Exploring Ostrava This is our first newsletter update from Ostrava! We have been enjoying exploring the city and getting to know our future home since the beginning of March. Already, we have been able to learn the bus system, discover a few areas of the city we might want to live in, and find a … Continue reading Stories from Ostrava: March, 2023


Post-Christmas Reflections: Wondering & Wandering, Through the Seasons

"The sun is fast fallin' beneath trees of stoneThe light in the tower, no longer my homePast eyes of pale fire, black sand for my bedI trade all I've known for the unknown ahead!" ~ Bear McCreary, "This Wandering Day", from The Rings of Power We recently celebrated the Christmas season--the actual liturgical season, of … Continue reading Post-Christmas Reflections: Wondering & Wandering, Through the Seasons

Fragment #2

Fragment 2: 3/9/2021*(Photo taken in 2017, Hradec Kralove)*The day I left, I vowed silently—to myself and to my Father—that I would one day return. Home was behind, and the world ahead—yet it was only home that I wanted.*Home is getting eggs from the potraviny, knowing that bus 16 gets me home, and taking the short … Continue reading Fragment #2