The Mouse in the Library

This post recounts a short but true story from tonight – one which will assuredly live on in Mabee Library lore for many days to come…

Tonight, a mouse ran out of my library director’s office, causing a flurry of commotion from the 30+ students/staff on the first floor of the library.

For nearly 30 minutes, we rallied together to chase and catch the mouse – there were screams from football players, gasps of awe as the mouse leapt over obstacles with heroic agility, and rallies of support from distracted students as many of us continued to strategize on how to catch The Mouse in the Library.

Finally, after stirring the mouse from a clever hiding spot under a printer, one cunning student caught it with an upside-down recycling bin.

There were cheers.

A few minutes later, after successfully wrapping the recycling bin in a fortuitous trash bag, we brought the mouse outside and released it into the world to go and be in the library no more.

Everyone congratulated each other on a mouse-well-caught – and then, we proceeded to go back to our own respective work, studies, or social circles.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a mouse can bring people who don’t know each other together – collaborating with a common purpose, with no thought of differences or social barriers.

Tonight, the Mouse in the Library brought us all together for 30 momentous minutes.

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