New Adventures / New Adventurers (April, 2020 Update)

Hello, friends! This blog used to primarily be a compilation of reflective posts, inspired by what God taught me through various aspects and stages of life. Now, the blog is evolving into more of a “monthly update” format; recounting the adventures of not one but THREE Lucchis. While posts will still be written by myself, they are now related to my family as well–so, they will also recount our collective adventures.

My goal is to share updates from our life monthly–or, at least, as often as possible. These posts will include prayer requests, life updates, ministry updates, and anything else I/we feel led to include.

New Adventurers:


On December 7th, 2019, Maggie and I were married! It is easy to think about how different things might be now, if we hadn’t listened to God and gotten married in December–what might our lives look like now, in the midst of COVID-19? But, as Aslan says in the Chronicles of Narnia, “to know what would have happened… nobody is ever told that.” All that matters, then, is that God’s timing was good.

In the past several months, quite a bit has happened–it simultaneously feels like we have been married many years, and like it just happened. I think new adventures often have that dichotomy. Specifically, as far as “new things from the Lucchi family” goes… we do have one big thing: Baby Lucchi coming 90186245_3301179499895649_6691622960576331776_nsoon! Due date of September 11, to be precise. I admit that I am currently thoroughly excited to meet Baby Lucchi, to be a father, etc.; and while I am confident my excitement will continue, I’m sure there will also be many challenging times in the approaching months and years as we begin yet another new adventure–the journey of parenthood.

So, that’s us then: Addison Lucchi, Maggie Lucchi, and ??? Lucchi (name and gender TBA at birth–we enjoy building the suspense!).

New Adventures:

80286609_3121447371202197_5017765272069603328_oSo, what specifically have we been up to (besides settling into married life and planning for our first child)? I will mostly speak for myself, here, since this is primarily “my blog”–but I can say that Maggie and I have enjoyed settling into marriage and the extra time that social distancing has afforded us–lots of preparing our home, baking, listening to The Wingfeather Saga, watching Doctor Who, going on walks, and delivering surprises to friends and family on holidays. We have also both been called to hospitality ministry–to opening up our home to love and serve people–but, for this time, that is obviously on hold, in light of COVID-19. Still, we can use this as a time of listening to God, waiting on Him, and preparing for what He has for us (both now, and next).

As for me, I am still working at MNU, albeit from home at present. This year has brought many new opportunities to engage in the MNU community–particularly, through teaching several new courses, participating in faculty committees, facilitating arts and humanities events, and now planning to lead a team of MNU students to the Czech Republic in August. Which leads nicely into…

Special Request: MNU Student Trip to the Czech Republic in August

Four MNU students are currently raising funds ($2,300 each) to travel to the Czech Republic this August (13-22). They will be teaching and doing ministry in the Czech Republic, collaborating with my brother, Keifer Lucchi. If you would prayerfully consider supporting these four students in their ministry/adventures, that would be wonderful! Donations can be made through, by selecting the “Czech Republic” project designation. All donations made this way will be evenly split between the four students. Below is one of the students’ stories, illustrating her heart for the trip:

Nicole Cloyed: “Hi friends! My name is Nicole Cloyed. I am a junior, Intercultural Studies major at MidAmerica 1Nazarene University. I remember the day God called me to serve in the Czech Republic. I had always felt that serving in the Czech Republic was a God-given dream, but I had given up on it for quite some time. I was at home in Iowa and went on a walk with my brother one Sunday afternoon. He asked me, “If you could go anywhere where would you go and why?” And I immediately answered, “I want to serve God in the Czech Republic.” I had had this dream since junior year high school and never mentioned it to a soul until that day. On my way back to campus that night, I got an email that said there was an opportunity to serve in the Czech and I knew that God was giving me the green light. I went to the meeting and signed up immediately.

I am especially excited for this trip because I felt God call me to be a missionary when I was a senior in high school. This experience will equip me with so many necessary tools for a life in ministry. I am SO excited to work alongside such a talented team and cannot wait to hone new skills together while sharing life with them. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so blessed to have it. My prayer is that our time in the Czech would serve as another affirmation for my call into ministry and that we can leave a lasting impact the people of the Czech, because I know they will leave an impact on us. I want to share the love and joy of Jesus from simply communing together and learning alongside one another.

Thank you for all the love and support you have shown me and are continuing to show me as I discern this call into ministry. I pray that you will consider partnering with me in prayer and financial support, if you feel led.”


God has taught me much in the past few months, and He continues to do so in the midst of the present quiet, waiting, and isolation. I am greatly valuing this time together as a family, and the extra time alone with God–but, I still also yearn for the ability to see friends, family, colleagues, and students; to participate in live worship with my church; to be able to more meaningfully reach out to people when God puts them on my heart, to get coffee with them, to invite them over for dinner. Still, I have also already appreciated the new rhythms and ways of thinking that this season has brought–and I am thankful for the ways that God works things together for good. Here are some thoughts I recently contributed towards a podcast on the topic of “Resilience Through Story”, related to how future generations will respond to the stories we tell them of this time:

“Research shows that one of the best predictors of what will make someone a good parent is not their circumstances—but, rather, their own ability to make sense of their own life stories. It is hard to predict how future generations will respond to our stories about the COVID-19 situation; but, I do believe that the response will depend upon the telling. It is important for us, now, to be resilient as we respond to the events of the pandemic, and as we seek to make sense of our stories—in light of the greater Biblical narrative of which we are a part. This is a time of changes, and anxieties, and losses—but it is also a time in which Christ is still fully present with us, a time in which we are forced to rely upon Him alone as our comfort and as our anchor. I do not know how future generations will respond to the stories we tell them about this pandemic; but, I hope that the stories we tell them fully reflect the challenges we faced, the resilience of our communities, and the presence and grace of our God in the midst of it all. He is a great Storyteller, and I look forward to seeing more of the stories He’s telling—how the seeds He’s planting through this challenging season are transformed into something beautiful, both within us and within future generations.”


Prayer Requests:

Here are some specific prayer requests for our family and our work/ministry, if you are willing to pray! Please let us know (through Facebook or email: if you have requests you’d like us to pray for, too.

  • Prayer for direction in future calling related to global missions. We are currently listening to Him related to a few decisions about how to be fully engaged in our call to global missions, while also still fully present and engaged in our KC-based callings.
  • Prayer for new Baby Lucchi! Specifically, prayer that God will already begin shaping the baby’s heart, mind, and spirit into the person He wants the baby to be. Prayer for Maggie and I, too, as we prepare to be parents!
  • Prayer for the four MNU students listed above and the August CZ trip–for financial provision, for God’s will to be done in it, and for all of us to grow closer to Him both in the preparations and through the trip itself.


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  1. That is so cool about Nicole’s calling to CZ even before all of this happened!! God is so awesome to lead us! Thanks for sharing a bit of her testimony with us. I will be praying for her.

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