Fragment #1

Unedited Fragment #1: March 5, 2021
(Idea inspired by “Island of the World” by Michael O’Brien; perhaps my favorite novel)
The expression of words into any kind of poetic medium feels, at present, artificial. Can I achieve authenticity in the expression of the poetic? Is it possible for I, who has never been a poet, to communicate honestly and eloquently through this medium of beauty and wonder? Perhaps, if I do so in my own way. What I see and experience in this world merits poetic renderings, to be sure—but is learning to write them down a worthwhile pursuit? Or is there more value in the experiencing, in the feeling, in the thinking, in the believing? Are words needed?
Yet, I know that I must ask forgiveness not only for what I have done, but also for what I have left undone. Could it be that in the expression of words, in the attempt to communicate the beauty that I see and the truth I believe, that love could be expressed in a new way? Could I help someone make a connection, or to feel something beautiful, or to move on the path towards truth? Surely, my words are incapable of any such glory; yet the light who resides within me I know is more than capable of using what is otherwise drab and lifeless. Lord, in the using of my voice and the writing of my words, will you use them to accomplish your purposes? For then, if even one life is impacted, the voicing of these words and reflections, of which this is the first, will be fully worthwhile. And, I know you make all things new—so take my words; use them; and let me learn to speak even as I learn to listen.

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