Music is Magic

Lately (this past semester), I’ve been back to playing, practicing, and performing on my upright bass regularly again – and it is the most beautiful thing. Solo playing, playing in my orchestra, playing with friends… all of it.

At the height of my undergraduate career (once I switched my major to English Literature), I convinced myself that I didn’t have time to spend hours playing music, since there was always a constant list of homework, research papers, readings, meetings, etc. to accomplish. But now I’m working on my graduate degree, while also working a job, and I definitely don’t have any more free time then I did then… and yet, I am still managing to fit music into my schedule. I have remembered how much I adore playing music – and that even though playing music isn’t graded or required for me right now, it is still such an important and necessary part of my life.

Music is magic. When I’m playing my upright bass, that is exactly what it feels like… creating magic. Somehow, I am able to move my fingers and my bow in a way that creates the right sounds and songs, and it really is magical. I’m not going to describe this any further, because I don’t know how. But yes. I am playing lots of music again, and I am so, so happy about it!  Here are a couple rough videos I recorded today (even with bad recording equipment) of me playing upright bass, if you want to watch.

“Prelude” from Cello Suite. No. 1 in G Major, by J.S. Bach

“Concerto in G Major”, by E. Nanny (attributed to Dragonetti)

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